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Glad this day is over

I started out my Monday by not being able to find my bus pass.

After panicking for 20 minutes or so, I counted out some change and ran out the door to get my bus.

Which I missed.

That’s okay, there’s another bus coming in 7 minutes, I assured myself.

That bus was late.

See the pattern that’s developing here, my friends?

I got to work, late, and within 30 minutes I had a full-blown emergency.

I spent the day dealing with the emergency.

Sorry I can’t say anything, due to client confidentiality.

By 3:00 p.m., I was processing my day with the team.

At 5:00 p.m. on the dot, I walked out of work, and as I walked up to the bus stop my bus pulled up.

And the bus was empty!

Things are looking up, I said to myself, as I climbed into the bus.

I’m so glad this day is over.


Whipped city

Boy, I’m tired.

I took a few hours off this afternoon, what is generally known as some “mental health time off.”

Work is very exciting right now, and I’m lucky to be right in the middle of some innovative changes at my agency.

But boy, all that work makes this old hag tired.

More tomorrow.


Thanks for all the comments

Wow, the comments just keep coming on my Caylee Anthony posts.

Thanks to every leaving a comment; you are all amazing me with the depth of your responses.

I will be back tonight, to answer all of your comments.

I’m off to work right now!

Reality: Work tomorrow

It’s time for me to step away from the computer and get ready for work tomorrow.

Happy Tuesday.

I was going to go on and on about having to set boundaries with, well, folks I have never met.

I decided not to.

If you read this post via reader, you might notice the title difference.

I changed my mind!


I dragged my butt at work all day today.

I’m for sure going to bed early tonight.

This week I’m dog sitting my landlady’s Jack Russell–he’s such a good dog, no trouble at all.

I’m off to bed early tonight–TTFN!

Too much weekend

myspace layout images

myspace layout

I had too much fun over the weekend.

My butt was dragging all day.

Tonight, it’s book city for me and an early night.



It’s happened again.

Tomorrow is Thursday, and I’m looking at the end of my work week, and the start of two blissful days off.

I’m up and out of the house early tomorrow morning, to attend a conference for work.

On Friday, I have a few appointments scheduled, and then it will be time to run out of work and grab the weekend by the horns.

Another big family weekend is on my calendar, and lots of errands that I must run.

Things are going well post-surgery, and I hope to be able to be 100% free of band-aids very soon.

May you all be well and happy.


My week so far

I finished “People of the Book” last night, and now I’m working on “Blood Brothers.”

Going to work yesterday was hard, because I just wanted to keep on playing with my grandchildren.

I had to go in to work early this morning, and accompany a client to an appointment.

This always makes me whine, internally, because I don’t like early morning appointments–I need to get to work and get whipped into a frenzy of activity, and then I’m fine.

This morning, I broke the glass carafe of my coffee maker, rendering the machine useless, as it’s one of those coffee pots that’s free when you buy overpriced coffee for 36 months.

Somebody gave me the coffee maker, for free, two years ago, so I should not be whining.

Good news: I only work Wednesday and Friday this week, and am attending a training on Thursday.

Last thought before I leave you: It was much cooler in Seattle today, and did not even get to the high 60s.

Dang, I love this area.



Remember those skin lesions I had removed last week?

They were both benign!


The air conditioning in our office is broken, and I’m tired and cranky from the heat.

But I got my after-work walk in, and consumed a very large salad for dinner.

And  now, I’m going to read a few blogs, then go to bed.


Groan city

What’s the worst thing about having a three day weekend?


The 4th day, when one (aka ME and my colleagues), have to show up for work.

Later dudes.

B.’s tired.


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