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All Righty!

I’m feeling a lot better today.

When I took my shower last evening, I changed my bandages and didn’t faint, always a good thing.

Anyhoo, I’m less stiff and sore today, and am doing my usual Sunday things (laundry, cleaning) in  preparation for work tomorrow.

Word of the day is upbeat.

My thesaurus offers these synonyms:

positive, upbeat, bright, cheerful, rosy, sunny, happy, heartening, uplifting, encouraging


It’s another sunny, wonderfully warm (but not hot) day in Seattle, and it feels great to be alive!

May you all have a great day!


Word of the day


n. Informal

  1. Boldness of enterprise; initiative or aggressiveness.
  2. Guts; spunk.
  3. Common sense.



I prefer guts, spunk, and common sense.

It took me a long time to learn how to stand up for myself, and I don’t see that as agressiveness.

It’s just common sense, and sometimes it takes a great deal of courage to speak up for yourself.

Word of the day


Being free of or relieved from tension or anxiety: in a relaxed mood

Definition from

I cleaned the venetian blinds this morning, and now I’m tired.

I intend to play for the rest of the day by finishing My Neighbor Totoro, and reading my book, People of the Book, by Geraldine Brooks.


Excitement is the word of the day

Here are my synonyms for the word of the day, Excitement:

  • stimulation
  • passion
  • enthusiasm
  • energy
  • titillation
  • fever

I’m very happy right now, and here’s why:

  • My vacation starts in 8 days, and I will see my family for the first time in a year.
  • My work is going very well.
  • I’ve shaken off the disturbed person who has been following me around the internet for over one year (at least I hope so).
  • The short story I’m writing, ‘The Dinner Party,’ is coming along well.
  • My finances are finally in the + column, after years of heavy debt.
  • My health is much better, thanks to all of the items listed above.

And we are getting some beautiful weather in Seattle these days, warm weather and lots of sunshine.

Life is good!

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