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Friday [woot]

I’m fighting to stay positive in a world filled with bad news.

No more NPR news during my commute to and from work–I’m listening to my favorite music.

I’m boycotting CNN.

And I’m going to be busy this weekend, running lots of errands and perhaps having a spot o’ fun before returning to work on Monday.

Take care, my friends, and be safe and well.

Take time to sing, dance, and be merry.



I’m feeling much better today.

After consuming two cups of coffee, I started my laundry and cleaning this morning, and I’m waiting for my work clothes to come out of the dryer.

I opened up the windows of my small studio for some fresh air this morning, and am just now closing them up because it’s getting cooler already.

It’s fresh enough in here!

But I’m feeling well, and very well rested (I slept 10 hours last night). I think that my immune system is a bit out of whack, due to a run of insomnia (getting older ruins sleep).

So now, I’m going to eat some lunch and finish “The Lace Reader.”


Back in a few days

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I’m spending a few days with the family–I’m so glad they are back in Seattle.

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!

Bubble bath city

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myspace glitter

I’m whipped.

It was a very busy week at work, and I need some time to relax and unwind.

I am sure that I will be reading blogs, and posting this weekend, but I just don’t know when.

Right now, I’m going to eat some dinner and then step into a hot bubble bath.


This is a strange week-TGIF!

Well, it’s a short one, only four days of work for me and for many of us.

I have no interest in the Republican National Convention, so I’ve been watching Netflix videos and reading every night this week.

But tomorrow is Friday, and I’m always happy when the weekend arrives.

As you can tell, my blogging interest have waned a bit.

I’m really upset (still) about the Caylee Anthony situation.

Her parents have retained an attorney and a PR firm, and bounty hunter Leonard Padilla reported on Nancy Grace tonight that he thinks there’s a book or movie deal.


Cindy Anthony is telling everyone to get their duffs and find Caylee, and they are doing this?

Something is very wrong here, folks.

My apologies to blogging friends who have warned me all is not square with the Anthony’s.

Hey–I said I wouldn’t blog about this until Caylee is found.

Hopefully I will have more to say tomorrow night, folks.

Then I’m gone Saturday afternoon to Sunday night, going to have a “sleepover” with my grandchildren.


Friday night

Friday night is a special time for me.

It’s the end of  my work week, and the knowledge that I have the next two days off helps me relax and unwind from a hectic week (my work weeks are always hectic).

I usually stop at the grocery store on my way home, then follow my routine of showering, putting on clean clothes, and consuming a light dinner.

Then it’s television/computer/music time, and before I know it, I’m this huge lump of relaxed old woman, ready for bed.

I’m just about there, and I wish you all a good night.


Too much weekend

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I had too much fun over the weekend.

My butt was dragging all day.

Tonight, it’s book city for me and an early night.


My Quest: New work clothes

I need to supplement my work wardrobe, and I’m having one bugger of a time finding plain cotton pants, not pedal pushers, in my size, 16 Women’s Petite (I’m officially shrinking; I’ve always been 5’5″ tall, and I measured 5’4″ when I had my physical two weeks ago).

I don’t need fancy clothes, but I need to present clean and ready to go Monday-Friday. My uniform is cotton pull-on pants or jeans, and a cotton top.

Jeez Louise.

Now I’m speaking of myself with fondness, but I’m here to tell you that this aging fat girl looks like a beached whale in pedal pushers.

I hit two three stores this evening, and found nothing.

So tomorrow, I’m off th my favorite store, Ross Dress for Less, to see what I can find.

Pray for me folks.

BTW, I feel very lucky that finding work clothes is my biggest problem right now.



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Have a great weekend!

I will be posting, but not a lot, so take care.

My music…why not?

When  I bought my laptop a few months ago, I kept my subscription to Yahoo Music because I have simple tastes: mostly new age, old time rock and roll, some classical, and a bit o’ jazz.

And I love Josh Groban.

I don’t know a lot about music, but I know what I like.

Yahoo Music was working fine.

This week, I was notified that Yahoo Music was becoming Rhapsody.



I hate change.

But I’m in a frame of mind these days that allows me to shrug my shoulders and declare “why not.”

So I switched to Rhapsody, and so far I’m in music and radio heaven.

Rhapsody allowed me to download all of my music tracks, bought and burned by me, so I haven’t lost a thing.

Rhapsody also has great radio channels–BBC, Voice of America, etc.

Life is good right now–tomorrow is Friday, and I’ve got my music and news.

I hope you all have a great Friday, and a wonderful weekend.


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