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Thoughts regarding travel

  • Traveling reminds me a lot of work, because  just getting to my destination took time, effort, planning, patience, good manners, and a strong stomach.
  • I found changing tome zones confusing and tiring.
  • Staying in a swanky hotel raised my spirits considerably (paying big $$ for room service made me choke a bit, but I still felt like a rich bitch, at least for a few minutes).
  • Being in an airplane during a thunder and lightning storm is a freaky experience.
  • I found all of the  TSA regulations easy to follow, and felt comforted by all of the security.
  • I hadn’t been in an airplane for 12 years, and flying twice in two weeks was just too much for my body and mind. When I got off the airplane Wednesday evening, I wanted to kiss the ground, thank the Goddess, and swear off airplanes forever.
  • But–I’m planning another trip back east next year.
  • I’m extremely glad to be home, and my next vacation will be spent closer to home, with family.


Vacation is coming!



My battered Roget’s Super Thesaurus lists these synonyms for travel:

Journey, take a trip, tour, voyage, cruise, globe-trot, sight-see

You get the idea, I’m sure.

What interests me about this entry in my thesaurus are the antonyms:

have an armchair adventure, stay put

I’ve had lots of armchair adventures in the last ten years, my friends.

Staying put has been routine for me, but no longer!

My vacation in June is my first in a long, long time.

I’ve had little weekends here and there, but not the type of vacation where I actually get a chance to travel!

I’ve already started to pack!

It’s true, I’ve picked out the two books I’m taking, airing out my suitcase, and spending a lot of time on the TSA website.

The TSA website is interesting, and fun in its own way–did you know you can have a cattle prod in your luggage (but not a carry-on). I’ll leave mine home, thanks all the same.

I’m going to buy a new pair of sneakers, and make sure that I have clean socks on.

White socks, of course, because warm weather is finally here and it’s time to push those black socks to the back of my sock drawer.

I’m digressing, I know, but as it gets closer to vacation, I’m as giddy as a 16 year-old girl on her way to her first dance (I’m sure young girls go to dances before the age of 16, but in my day we were lucky to get to a dance at 16!).


b.burcroff signing out for now.

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