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My weird reading habits and the internet

I spend a lot of time on the internet.

Too much time, I think.

I’ve become used to reading blog posts instead of books.

My attention span has narrowed, and I just want to pick up information quickly, without taking the time to savor an author’s words.

This makes me sad, because I just love words!

For example, I’ve been trying to finish “The Pillars of the Earth” since June.

It’s a good book, but 506 991 pages long (I’m on page 486 right now).

I’ll read a chapter, then put it down so I can spend time blogging.

I’ve read a number of other books since June, just cannot seem to finish Pillars of the Earth.

It’s a good book, and I want to finish it so I can read the sequel “World Without End.”

So I guess that I’ll stop blogging right now and get reading!


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