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It happens every week, right about now.

My brain feels like it’s been fried in the finest oil, and there’s one day left in my work week.

I came home tonight and cleaned, getting ready for a new (to me) chair that’s being delivered to my house this weekend.

I got an excellent sleep last night, so I should be able to stay awake until at least 10 o’clock tonight.

No blogging tomorrow night, because I’m going to my grandson’s birthday party.



It’s going to be a blinger in Seattle today at 91 degrees, but it’s also Friday.

I’m thankful to be alive, to have come as far as I have in my life, and for my friends and family.

I got up out of bed under my own power and will put in a honest 7.5 hours of work.

Then I will go out with my colleagues for a beer and some dinner.

May you all have a wonderful day, my friends, and take time to give thanks for being alive and well.

Huffing and puffing

It’s really hot in Seattle, at least until Sunday.

And the air quality is really poor–our smog is heavy, and that means hard going for folks like me.

I don’t plan to miss any work, but I’m taking it slow until the heat lifts and the air clears.

Take care, and Happy Friday.

UPDATE 10:29 AM: Holy Hootenanny, it’s hot!

TGIF, and Happy Birthday to me!

Triple celebration for me this year on my birthday (a.k. Friday 8/1/08).

Besides my birthday(1), I’m rejoicing that my family is back in Seattle (2).

And my birthday falls on Friday (3) [a.k.a my happiest day of the work week] this year.

And there’s a fourth reason to celebrate: My reentry into the world of the non-grieving. I’m thinking, these days, of that old Barry Manilow song “I made it through the rain.”

Don’t worry, I’m not going to get sappy on ya 🙂

Happy Friday, my friends, and may YOU make it through your rain clouds also.


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