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Are you going to watch the Democratic Convention?

I’m not going to watch it, but I have signed up for text message updates from our union.

We voted in a union at work, and I will keep tabs on the convention in my own quiet way.

How about you–will you be watching the Democratic Convention?

Or the Republican one?

Or both?


Sunday started out cool and sunny, a wonderful 60 degrees.

By lunchtime, the sun had disappeared, the wind started blowing, and the rains began.

It’s pouring rain right now, and I’ve cooked up and consumed chicken and eggplant for my midday meal.

Dinner will be something light, maybe a salad and soup, or my favorite yogurt concoction (vanilla yogurt with fresh whole blueberries and a handful of granola).

I’m reading Fledgling, by Octavia E. Butler, playing on the Internet, and watching television (not all at the same time).

It’s back to work tomorrow for me, because I’m feeling lots better.

May you all have a wonderful Monday and a great week.

G4 – Hurl!

G4 – Hurl!.

Lord love a duck, I’ve never heard of such a thing.

Contestants on this new G4 show eat loads of heavy food (macaroni and cheese debuts in the first show), then are placed in a steel cage and turned around and around until they…hurl?

I will not watch this wonderfully, uhm, intellectual fare.

But I will be interested to learn how many dummies actually watch this crap.

And if the name ‘Hurl’ doesn’t take off, I propose another name for the show: Random Acts of Puke, you know, as in ‘random acts of kindness.’


Time for me to give it up and go to bed.


Television rules this evening

Thanks to Rose for her good wishes. I went to work today and got a lot done (I think my vacation has a lot to do with this).

Tonight I’m glued to the television because there is a new “Ghost Hunters” on SciFi..

It’s getting ready to rain in Seattle right now–it’s cloudy and muggy!

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