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Too beautiful outside to read…?

The word of the day from

tirade \TY-raid; tih-RAID\, noun:

A long angry speech; a violent denunciation; a prolonged outburst full of censure or abuse.

The force of this tirade made Matthew glance nervously at Coots, who shrugged and asked his partner, “You just about all through?”
— Trevanian, Incident at Twenty-Mile

It’s a beautiful day in Seattle, clear skies and warm temperatures.

I’ve spent lots of time in the yard today; it feels good to get out and feel the warm sunshine on my face and other uncovered body parts.

Yes, I’m wearing shorts and flip-flops–woot!

As I write this, Ted Kennedy is in serious but stable condition, China is observing three days of national mourning for victims of the terrible earthquake, and Myanmar’s junta leader is touring the devastation in that country (that’s big of him).

I’m going to watch the movie Juno this afternoon, and spend the rest of the day read my book, The Yiddish Policeman’s Union.

BTW, as far as I’m concerned, it’s always time to read! A good book, a comfortable chair, and a glass of iced tea is a perfect way to spend some time outside!

Have a great Sunday!

Ted Kennedy update

Senator Ted Kennedy appears to be out of danger!

From CNN.

Ted Kennedy hospitalized

CNN is reporting that Senator Ted Kennedy was flown to Massachusetts General Hospital for stroke symptoms.

CNN is already speculating about how Kennedy’s illness will impact Obama’s (and the Democratic) campaign.

Geez, CNN, let’s see how Senator Kennedy is doing first, okay?

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