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B.’s reading marathon update

I’ve reached the halfway point of Palace Council (509 pages), and I’m finding it a challenge.

There is lots of detail, and a cast that reads like a Who’s Who of politics and power in the 1950s-1960s.

J. Edgar Hoover, Joseph, Bobby, and Jack Kennedy, Langston Hughes to name a few.

The hero is wading through bits of information and confusing clues, exposing himself to dangerous people who will do anything to protect their power.

I’m still enjoying the book, but it’s a story that I have to think about, try to digest a bit slower than I’m used to.

Unfortunately, I have to hit the pavement soon and get myself to work.

I hope you all have a great Monday, and enjoy the first day of fall.

Fall officially reaches Seattle at ~8:44 p.m.


Weekend bliss

I emerged from my lavender bubble bath last night sparkling clean and as relaxed as a person can get.

This morning I woke up at 7:00 a.m., my Monday through Friday time.

But there’s a nap in my future this afternoon.

As soon as my laundry is done, I’m going to hunker down with Palace Council, by Stephen L. Carter.

I really enjoy Carter’s novels, because he hooks me on his characters, right from the first pages.

Anyway, it’s cool and rainy in Seattle today, and expected to remain so all weekend.

May you all enjoy your weekend.


Books, books, and more books

You all know I love to read, right?

I check out the new books coming out, especially the fiction bestsellers.

Since I don’t make a lot of money, I have to be careful about how much money I spend on books.

The Seattle Public Library allows me to go online and put books on hold, then I get an email when my turn comes up.

I have about 9 books on hold right now.

Two of these books came in today.


I get two weeks to read these books, so I need to get busy.

First, I need to finish the last 60 or so pages of Fledgling, by Octavia E. Butler.

Then I will get busy on Palace Council, by Stephen Carter.

Lastly, I will need to race through Run, by Ann Patchett.

Get it?

Race through run?

Okay, well, it’s getting late, so I’m heading to bed with Fledgling, which is about vampires.


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