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I heard about Senator Kennedy’s brain tumor during a work meeting, and I was stunned. As a child of the 60’s, I mourned the loss of Jack and Bobby Kennedy as it happened. The “Kennedy boys,” gifted, compassionate, and flawed as all human beings are, have paid heavy prices for their wealth, fame, and publicly lived mistakes. Chappaquiddick happened a long time ago, but a young woman still died in a car that Senator Kennedy was driving.

Senator Kennedy has fought hard for health care and many other changes, and I wish him the best.

Clinton has won Kentucky, but Obama is scoring the delegates.

Johannesburg citizens are rioting to protest foreigners in their country.

And a college professor in Philadelphia feels that ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ is worthy of academic study. Yeah, baby!

Ted Kennedy hospitalized

CNN is reporting that Senator Ted Kennedy was flown to Massachusetts General Hospital for stroke symptoms.

CNN is already speculating about how Kennedy’s illness will impact Obama’s (and the Democratic) campaign.

Geez, CNN, let’s see how Senator Kennedy is doing first, okay?

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