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Courtney Love Coming to the Moore Theatre | Line Out

Courtney Love Coming to the Moore Theatre | Line Out.

Hey Courtney Love fans; she’s playing at The Moore Theater July 23.

Will I go?

‘course not; I have to work Wednesday 🙂

But it’s just another wild and groovy Seattle summer thi


Amazon May Open Store In Seattle – GalleyCat

Amazon May Open Store In Seattle – GalleyCat.

From Reuters, and quoted from the article linked above:

Amazon also plans to open a physical store in its home town of Seattle in coming months to showcase and sell its growing line of gadgets, including the Kindle Fire tablet, industry blog Good E-Reader reported this weekend.

Like wow.

I live in Seattle, and my bookish/tech lovin’ heart is beating madly right now!

Starbucks: Real estate savvy gone bad – Top Stocks

Starbucks: Real estate savvy gone bad – Top Stocks.

“My” Starbucks is not closing–it’s about one block from my job, and it’s a quick way to get some coffee late morning or early afternoon when my energy starts to fall into a puddle around my feet.

Downtown Seattle has a Starbucks about every three blocks, but I didn’t see any of these stores on the closure list.

That’s because downtown Seattle is fueled by caffeine!


While I wasn’t looking, Seattle became my home

I was born in Rochester, New York, about a trillion years ago.

Twelve unhappy years were spent in Wolcott, New York, which is about 50 miles east of Rochester.

But I always gravitated back to Rochester, and felt it was my home.

In 2000, I moved out to Seattle with my mom, so that we could be close to my son and his growing family.

At first I felt uncomfortable here, like a tourist who just decided to reside in Seattle like a temporary citizen.

Then my mom got really sick, and I just stopped thinking about the concept of a geographical location as home.

Life was too busy, too stressful, and I had to deal with the realities of having a dying parent.

Then my mother died, and I needed to take care of myself again.

Last fall/winter, I considered going back “home” to Rochester; I really gave the matter careful consideration. I was also thinking of moving to Oklahoma, where my son and his family were living.

After giving it a few weeks to mull over, I realized that I had adopted Seattle as my home. Financial considerations played a big part, but not entirely.

I really love it here–the mountains, the mostly cool temperatures, the (mostly) liberal citizens, and the friends I have made here.

When my son shared that he and his family missed Seattle and wanted to return “home,” I just sat back with one of those “wow” feelings, and thanked God that I have finally learned to heed my intuition, my inner sense of knowing what is best for me.

While I was busy living my life, Seattle became my home.

Rochester will always be my hometown, but Seattle is where I happily live and work.

Seattle is home.

Blogging, Monday, and my word of the day

Thanks to the word of the day is:

capacious \kuh-PAY-shuhs\, adjective:

Able to contain much; roomy; spacious.

I’m just a bit pissy right now, because I tried to post on Blogger and the service is down.

I have a love-hate relationship with Blogger; it ticks me off some times, but I miss it when I’m not able to post there.

I’ll get over it, I guess.

Anyhoo, after a week away from the job I went back to work today.

It;s going to take me some time to get back into my groove thang at work, because I’m still tired from all the traveling I’ve done in the last few weeks.

However, next weekend is July 4th, and it’s a 3-day weekend, and that’s just a glorious thing for me to contemplate.

My son has moved back to Seattle, and the rest of my family will be back here by July 20th.


Gran-dee’s are coming home!

So I’m going to read some blogs right now, and comment on them, and then go to bed.


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