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B.’s reading marathon

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Holy cats, I’m going to be reading up a storm.

When I decide to read a book, I look the title up at The Seattle Public Library’s website.

I determine how many people are ahead of me, and then I must make a decision whether to put my name on the hold list or not.

How many people are ahead of me?

Can I wait?

If I really want to read the book, I will put my name on the hold list, then will do the following:

  • Check eBay
  • Stop by
  • If I really want the book, I may even decide to buy it locally, checking the used book stores first.
  • But if I’m really anxious to read a book, then I will just buy the dang thing full price and take my name off the library hold list.

Sometimes my library hold list gets long, especially when I’m trying to save money.

Like now.

Right now, I’m reading Run, as I’ve shared with everyone.

I’ve got 92 pages to go.

When Run is finished, then I need to read Palace Council, Stephen L. Carter’s latest book (510 pages).

I just got an email, and The Lace Reader by Bruonia Barry is ready for me to pick up.

Can I read all of these books and retain what I’ve read?

And get the books back to the library on time?

And write a coherent review for Goodreads?

Stick with me, and I’ll keep you informed.


If you think this endeavor (i.e., reading about some crazy old broad’s reading habits) is about as interesting as watching a buttocks boil being lanced, feel free to check back in a month or so.

More reading

I’m reading, reading, reading.

And tomorrow is Thursday.


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Books, books, and more books

You all know I love to read, right?

I check out the new books coming out, especially the fiction bestsellers.

Since I don’t make a lot of money, I have to be careful about how much money I spend on books.

The Seattle Public Library allows me to go online and put books on hold, then I get an email when my turn comes up.

I have about 9 books on hold right now.

Two of these books came in today.


I get two weeks to read these books, so I need to get busy.

First, I need to finish the last 60 or so pages of Fledgling, by Octavia E. Butler.

Then I will get busy on Palace Council, by Stephen Carter.

Lastly, I will need to race through Run, by Ann Patchett.

Get it?

Race through run?

Okay, well, it’s getting late, so I’m heading to bed with Fledgling, which is about vampires.


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