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An afternoon off

I was so tired last night that I could not sleep.

So I woke up today feeling cranky and out of sorts.

Bless my supervisor’s soul, she approved me using three hours of PTO this afternoon.

And what, you may ask, am I doing with my afternoon?

Anything I want!

I walked to the library, made a quick stop to the store, and came home, where I’ve been playing on my laptop.

In a few minutes, I’m going to make some dinner, then settle in to watch a little television, and read more of New Moon.


Friday night

Friday night is a special time for me.

It’s the end of  my work week, and the knowledge that I have the next two days off helps me relax and unwind from a hectic week (my work weeks are always hectic).

I usually stop at the grocery store on my way home, then follow my routine of showering, putting on clean clothes, and consuming a light dinner.

Then it’s television/computer/music time, and before I know it, I’m this huge lump of relaxed old woman, ready for bed.

I’m just about there, and I wish you all a good night.


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