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My new chair

It’s new to me, folks.

A colleague gave me this chair last month, it’s a real sweet chair that reclines and rocks.

I’m also very happy that I can finally upload photos from my cell phone camera to my email accounts.

Happy Monday to all!

All Righty!

I’m feeling a lot better today.

When I took my shower last evening, I changed my bandages and didn’t faint, always a good thing.

Anyhoo, I’m less stiff and sore today, and am doing my usual Sunday things (laundry, cleaning) in  preparation for work tomorrow.

Word of the day is upbeat.

My thesaurus offers these synonyms:

positive, upbeat, bright, cheerful, rosy, sunny, happy, heartening, uplifting, encouraging


It’s another sunny, wonderfully warm (but not hot) day in Seattle, and it feels great to be alive!

May you all have a great day!


Busy but happy

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I’m busy.

Very busy.

But it feels good!

And it was almost 70 degrees in Seattle today.

Life is good.

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