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Ocean’s 8

I grew up watching Sinatra’s 1960 Ocean’s 11 movie. Sinatra and his “rat pack” buddies were slick and really smart.

I have not watched the updated Ocean’s movies, not sure why.

But I’m a Sandra Bullock fan (thanks to my friends Donna and Ben, who introduced me to Bullock’s 1995 movie The Net).

Also, Glenn from Glenn’s Movie Mumblings had an awesome review of Ocean’s 8, and I knew I needed to get my lazy self to the theater this weekend.

I loved Ocean’s 8, from beginning to end. A heist flick with smart, sassy, and beautiful women is a kick!

It’s got an amazing cast and a story that kept me interested. The dialogue is funny and fast paced. Rihanna is my favorite actress in this movie; she is cooler than iced tea on a hot day.

Ocean’s 8 was pure fun for me, helping me to relax and laugh after a busy month.

The original Ocean’s 11 is a good movie, but 8 is a well done remake.

Ocean’s 8 was worth the price of my senior matinee ticket.

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