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An avatar and name change

I’ve changed my avatar and name at mybloglog.

For now, you may call me “old hag.”


Because it’s fun to laugh at yourself.

Thanks for helping me out, MyBlogLog

I have a name next to MyBlogLog picture now.

Thanks to MyBlogLog for fixing this.

Just call me mybloglog#!$%^&*())

If you look to the right of this blog, you will see the MyBlogLog Recent Readers widget to the right.

And surely you see my name, right?

I just can’t get the name ‘Gran’ to show up next to my picture (which, by the way, is a copyright, please do not use this picture unless you fork over big bucks).


Anyhoo, I have an email into MyBlogLog, so let’s just see what happens next.


Widget issues

I’m having some MyBlogLog widget issues.

I will try again tomorrow!

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