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Monday, the convention, and a thunderstorm

As for the convention, here are the results of a CNN poll that I took part in today:

How much of the Democratic National Convention do you plan to watch?
A lot 15% 48699
A little 29% 92136
None 56% 179779
Total Votes: 320614

I’m one of the voters who reported “a little,” the 29%.

I watched the convention for about thirty minutes, heard Ted Kennedy’s great speech (he looks and sounds great).

As usual, I’m glad that Monday is over–4 days to go, then 3 days off!


Seattle is cool and very wet today; I came home in a thunderstorm.

That’s Seattle for you!

Take care everyone.


Blogging, Monday, and my word of the day

Thanks to the word of the day is:

capacious \kuh-PAY-shuhs\, adjective:

Able to contain much; roomy; spacious.

I’m just a bit pissy right now, because I tried to post on Blogger and the service is down.

I have a love-hate relationship with Blogger; it ticks me off some times, but I miss it when I’m not able to post there.

I’ll get over it, I guess.

Anyhoo, after a week away from the job I went back to work today.

It;s going to take me some time to get back into my groove thang at work, because I’m still tired from all the traveling I’ve done in the last few weeks.

However, next weekend is July 4th, and it’s a 3-day weekend, and that’s just a glorious thing for me to contemplate.

My son has moved back to Seattle, and the rest of my family will be back here by July 20th.


Gran-dee’s are coming home!

So I’m going to read some blogs right now, and comment on them, and then go to bed.


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