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My favorite childhood stuffed animal

I’ve been tagged by

Are you kidding, Debo?

Do you know how old I am [snort]?

I’ll spare you my lame jokes about being in grade school during the Mesolithic period.

Sadly, my favorite bear, which looked like the little Jasper below, met an untimely end about forty years ago.

But thanks to the internet, I can share a picture with you. Photo credit.

I’m tagging one blogger, Lady Banana in the U.K., since she is the only blogger I know who will complete a meme.

Tagged by Digital Frenzy

Okay, Digital Frenzy, here we go:

Last Movie You Saw In a Theater: Iron Man

What Book or Books Are You Reading? The Yiddish Policeman’s Union by Michael Chabon
Favorite Board Game: Monopoly
Favorite Magazine: Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine
Favorite Smells: My grand children’s hair after it’s been shampooed
Favorite Sound(s): Their laughter
Worst Feeling in the World: To lose a parent
Favorite Fast Food Place: Wendy’s
Future Child’s Name: Jay, my one and only son
Finish This Statement. “If I had a Lot of Money I’d…” Pay off my student loans, give a whole pot of money to the agency I work for, and help my family
Do You Drive Fast? I’ve been known to…
Do You Sleep With a Stuffed Animal? Not lately!
Storms-Cool or Scary: Cool
What Was Your First Car? Chevy Malibu
Favorite drink: Diet Coke
Finish This Statement; “If I Had the Time I would …” Read ‘War and Peace’ again. Maybe not.
Do You Eat The Stems On Broccoli? YES!
If You Could Dye Your Hair Any Color, What would be your Choice? Red

One Nice Thing about the Person Who Sent This to You: Digital Frenzy took the time to read, and comment on, my new blog.
What’s Under Your Bed? Just dust.
Would you like to be born as yourself Again? No, I want a new experience.
Morning Person or Night Owl? Night owl on the weekends, morning person during the week by necessity.
Over Easy or Sunny Side Up? Over easy
Favorite Place to Relax: In my bed with a good book.
Favorite Pie: Coconut cream
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: French vanilla
Of all the People you tagged this To, Who’s most likely To Respond First? Sorry, D.F., I’m just getting started again with a new blog. I’ll tag someone later. But this was fun!

If anyone wants to do this meme, just ask and I’ll send you a copy.

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