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Happy Wednesday, and a really interesting quote…

I was reading Time Magazine online today, and found this quote:

STEVE LATOURETTE, Congressman from Ohio, who voted against the Wall Street bailout bill, on how constituent opinion is split on the legislation.
Amen, brothers and sisters.
And Happy Hump Day.
Photo from Time.

Wednesday thoughts

Hump day.


I’m listening (with headphones) to a Rhapsody station called Healing Winds, and it’s making me sleepy.

But hey, I’m relaxed, right?

Yeah, I’m so relaxed that I forgot what I was going to blog about.

Well, here goes…

  • It’s a beautifully cool week in Seattle, a little rain and sunshine mixed in with the clouds.
  • My family is having a birthday party for me this Sunday.
  • On Saturday, I plan to make myself eggplant Parmesan–is this how it’s spelled? I’m too lazy to check; bad sign.
  • I’m freaked out by this story about a dead 61 year-old woman being found in a Delta Airlines toilet. I freak out when I have to go to the bathroom on an airplane. I fear crashing while on the toilet, or somehow falling through the bottom of the airplane when I flush.  I can just imagine my family telling the story, Yes, my mother WAS on the crapper when her plane crashed, and yes, she will be cremated with the toilet, as it was impossible to separate them. My mother, and the toilet, became one upon impact.

I’m sorry; I mean no disrespect to the poor woman found dead in the Delta airlines toilet.

Or her family.

It’s just been a fear of mine, being in airline toilets, and when I’m scared I tend to be sarcastic.

Anyhoo, I hope you all have a great Thursday.



    It’s happened again.

    Tomorrow is Thursday, and I’m looking at the end of my work week, and the start of two blissful days off.

    I’m up and out of the house early tomorrow morning, to attend a conference for work.

    On Friday, I have a few appointments scheduled, and then it will be time to run out of work and grab the weekend by the horns.

    Another big family weekend is on my calendar, and lots of errands that I must run.

    Things are going well post-surgery, and I hope to be able to be 100% free of band-aids very soon.

    May you all be well and happy.


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