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The number is 22

I have a nice doctor.

Besides giving me medication for high blood pressure, he wants me to lose 22 pounds.


Here I go:

And I need to watch my “hunny” intake!

I’m also cutting back to one cup of coffee a day.

And limiting my salt, of course. That’s not too tough, but sometimes I crave potato chips. I’ll have to watch that.

I have a really bad sweet tooth, and I need to watch myself. Along with the other members of my team, I’ve been eating lots of candy at work, and I will have to stay away from C’s candy dish.

And I do need to increase my exercise.

Wish me well!

And by the way, have a great Sunday.

Now, back to my quest to lose that 22.

Health update

I got back the results of my medical tests today.

Check out my blog Gran Speaks for the details, if you are interested.

Not much to say tonight

I’m off to bed with my book, “The Lace Reader,” which is pretty good so far.

My doctor wanted me to have some routine lab work done today, including an EKG, as my blood pressure is still high and I will probably be on medication soon.

So I took 1.5 hours of my precious PTO to head to the lab, then I stopped at the grocery store on my way home.

I’ve been resisting blood pressure medicine for years, and it’s finally time to bite the bullet and take medication, I guess. I’ve been talking to colleagues about this, and I now know people in their twenties (not overweight, seemingly healthy) who are taking blood pressure meds.

So anyway, it’s off to bed I am, and dang glad tomorrow is Thursday.



Remember those skin lesions I had removed last week?

They were both benign!


The air conditioning in our office is broken, and I’m tired and cranky from the heat.

But I got my after-work walk in, and consumed a very large salad for dinner.

And  now, I’m going to read a few blogs, then go to bed.


All Righty!

I’m feeling a lot better today.

When I took my shower last evening, I changed my bandages and didn’t faint, always a good thing.

Anyhoo, I’m less stiff and sore today, and am doing my usual Sunday things (laundry, cleaning) in  preparation for work tomorrow.

Word of the day is upbeat.

My thesaurus offers these synonyms:

positive, upbeat, bright, cheerful, rosy, sunny, happy, heartening, uplifting, encouraging


It’s another sunny, wonderfully warm (but not hot) day in Seattle, and it feels great to be alive!

May you all have a great day!



I’m recuperating from minor outpatient surgery.

I had two skin lesions (I’m not even sure that’s what they’re called) that I got removed at my doctor’s today.

My doctor sent them to the lab to be biopsied; results in the next 3-6 days.

Having these things removed was a snap–my doctor numbed the areas in question and I didn’t feel a thing.

So I’m a bit sore tonight, and very cranky 🙂 right now.

But Tylenol is helping a lot.

I came home from the doctor’s, ate a light meal, and passed out about 8:30 p.m.

Now it’s almost 1:00 am and I’m awake.


So I will try to sleep in this morning, and then I plan to go out for awhile during another great sunny day in Seattle.

I hope you all have a great weekend.


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