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Great (burp) birthday party

Golly gee, having my family back in Seattle makes me very happy.

We consumed fettucine alfredo, fresh grilled salmon, and vegan cupcakes.

I see that face you are making, but they were super duper delish.

I got home about an hour ago and took a bubble bath with my new cucumber melon bubble bath.

And soon, I’m headed to bed (after I check out some blogs).


TGIF, and Happy Birthday to me!

Triple celebration for me this year on my birthday (a.k. Friday 8/1/08).

Besides my birthday(1), I’m rejoicing that my family is back in Seattle (2).

And my birthday falls on Friday (3) [a.k.a my happiest day of the work week] this year.

And there’s a fourth reason to celebrate: My reentry into the world of the non-grieving. I’m thinking, these days, of that old Barry Manilow song “I made it through the rain.”

Don’t worry, I’m not going to get sappy on ya 🙂

Happy Friday, my friends, and may YOU make it through your rain clouds also.


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