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It’s p.j. weather

I’m sitting in my green chair, wearing p.j.’s and socks, nice and warm under a blanket.

It is cold tonight.

I’m including a picture of my grandson Luka, for Caroldee.

“Potato friends”

My grandson Luka, 5, is keeping two large baking potatoes in the refrigerator at his house.

They are his “potato friends.”

Luka added a small new red potato to his “potato friend” collection this weekend.

“They’re a family, Bunny Beth,” Luka told me with pride.

One of the baking potatoes is starting to look a little wrinkled, though.

I hope it does not start to turn black, or get sprouts all over it.

Luka will be heartbroken.

And yes, I had a very good time with my family last night and today.

I took the bus home today, and treated myself to breakfast along the way.

Then, this afternoon, I took a nice long nap, because my granddaughter V kept me up quite late last night. She’s okay, it’s just hard for V to let go of her day and give herself over to sleep.

Tonight, I’m going to watch “The Name of the Rose” thanks to a Netflix video.

More tomorrow.


A perfect day

It’s a perfect weather day in Seattle–80 degrees, not a hint of rain, and a Saturday.

It just doesn’t get any better.

I was awake at 7:00 a.m. (eyeroll), brewed coffee, got my laundry done, and hosted 3 of my 6 grandchildren for 2 hours.

Their father, my son Jay (a.k.a. Davis to his children, don’t ask me why), went out for a few hours to sketch at  a nearby cafe.

My grandchildren polished off 18 mini pizza bagels, 6 1-ounce bags of Pirate booty, and a box of Annie’s White Cheddar macaroni and cheese, all washed down with a cup of chocolate milk each.

After they left, I cleaned the kitchen, then tried to take a nap but couldn’t get quieted down.

So I took a walk to the fruit and vegetable stand in my neighborhood.

You may be bored reading this, but I’m feeling just great about this fun, restful, and relaxing day off.

Now I’m enjoying a glass of beer (I celebrate with a glass or two every month or so), while my pot roast is cooking.

Fresh new potatoes, carrots, onions, and mushrooms.


The best part of this pot roast dinner is it will be good tomorrow also, and possibly Monday.

It just does not get any better (I wrote that once, I know, but it’s worth repeating).


And the weekend flies by

I traveled to downtown Seattle, got my hair cut, had brunch with my son, and picked up a few things for dinner.

Now I’m home, washing my bedding and keeping the Jack Russell company.

It’s not hot in Seattle today, but it’s humid.

Still, it’s not a bad weather day at all.

I”ve finally conquered the jet lag that has plagued me for weeks!

This is such good news, because I can feel my energy returning at last.

And, my daughter-in-law and grandchildren will be back in Seattle in…let’s see…in 15 days!


Life is good now, folks, it’s really good.

May your life be as good as mine is now.

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