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Friday [woot]

I’m fighting to stay positive in a world filled with bad news.

No more NPR news during my commute to and from work–I’m listening to my favorite music.

I’m boycotting CNN.

And I’m going to be busy this weekend, running lots of errands and perhaps having a spot o’ fun before returning to work on Monday.

Take care, my friends, and be safe and well.

Take time to sing, dance, and be merry.



myspace graphics

myspace graphics

I only worked eight hours today, but it felt like 20.

More later.

Aloha and TTFN.

Magical Friday

Tomorrow I will wake up thirty minutes before my cell phone alarm goes off.


Because tomorrow is Friday, that magical day of the week that creates a hopefulness in my heart, a spring in my step, and laughter bubbling out of my mouth.

I always plan to sleep late on Saturday morning, yet seldom accomplish my wish.


Because, like a kid on Christmas morning, I don’t want to miss one minute of my day off.

This Friday is even more special to me, because my vacation draws closer each day, and I am tickled pink to be seeing my family after one year.

I leave June 3, and I’ve decided not to bring my laptop with me.

Yep, I’m going ‘cold turkey’ for the entire week that I’m away.

Happy Friday, my friends.

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