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Links to my favorite blogs

I’m handing out some link love tonight:

A Writer’s Edge has a link to copyediting jobs.

Carol at And so It Goes On writes about Monday, and a new season upon us.

Dizzy Dee writes about webhosting.

Frani at KnitKnacks is traveling again.

Anne Thompson, writing for Variety, shares some clips from the Toronto Film Festival.

T.V. Squad writes about the premiere of True Blood, a new HBO series.

At Within Reason, Floyd shares an article about “Republicans for Obama.”

dcr gives us some Monday Morning Motivation. His tips will work on Tuesday also.

At A Year of CrockPotting, Stephanie makes chicken with gingered peaches.

Bill Crider gives us a link to Alfred Hitchcock’s 50 Most Memorable Moments.

Generation Y: Gustav in Cuba.

Again, my blogging friend Floyd at his blog Kentucky Home. I call Floyd the thememaster. Check this out.

Out-Loud Brainwaves (aka my son), writes a letter to the thief who stole his eight year old son’s bicycle (aka my grandson).

At Film Essent, my daughter-in-law Kim Voynar blogs about the 2008 Toronto film Festival.

Long weekend–random thoughts and thanks

Dang, it’s cold in Seattle this morning, but expected to warm up nicely.

It’s day 2 of a long weekend, and I’m warm and snug in my rocker recliner, listening to CNN and drinking coffee.

And I’m giving thanks this morning, because I can sit sround and relax after a hard week of work. I’m not in the process of evacuating my home and my city. As I write this, I’m listening to Ray Nagin give an update regarding the evacuation of New Orleans. Nagin is warning potential looters they will go directly to prison.

I’ve heard reports that some New Orleans citizens are taking along school records and other important papers with them as they leave, and won’t return to their homes if the storm is really bad again.

I spent yesterday taking care of my grandchildren so my son could get out for a few hours; my daughter-in-law Kim is at Telluride for the film festival, then she’s going to the Toronto film fest. I made the mistake of saying to my grandchildren that I am so happy that they will be in Seattle for Christmas this year, and how much I missed them last year.

How many days until Christmas? They all asked.

After we figured out that Christmas is in a few months, there was a flurry of paper, pens, and excitement as N, J, and V started their Christmas lists.

When I informed my son what three of his children were up to, his reaction was, let’s say, lukewarm. Your typical parental reaction to the economic realities of buying Christmas gifts.

That’s when I went home.

So my friends, take care today, and please take time out to be thankful.

I’m going to read today (Eclipse), watch The Winds of War thanks to Netflix, and check out all of your blogs.


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