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Monday, the convention, and a thunderstorm

As for the convention, here are the results of a CNN poll that I took part in today:

How much of the Democratic National Convention do you plan to watch?
A lot 15% 48699
A little 29% 92136
None 56% 179779
Total Votes: 320614

I’m one of the voters who reported “a little,” the 29%.

I watched the convention for about thirty minutes, heard Ted Kennedy’s great speech (he looks and sounds great).

As usual, I’m glad that Monday is over–4 days to go, then 3 days off!


Seattle is cool and very wet today; I came home in a thunderstorm.

That’s Seattle for you!

Take care everyone.


Are you going to watch the Democratic Convention?

I’m not going to watch it, but I have signed up for text message updates from our union.

We voted in a union at work, and I will keep tabs on the convention in my own quiet way.

How about you–will you be watching the Democratic Convention?

Or the Republican one?

Or both?

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