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Seattle weather –HOT!

seattle weather – Google Search.

It’s not normally this warm in Seattle, so most places are not air conditioned.

87 degrees right now.


Seattle heatwave

Temperatures in the mid 80s have finally arrived in Seattle!

The nights are cool, at least so far, and the warm weather is supposed to stay around until next Tuesday.

I’ve been comfortable so far, as the humidity doesn’t seem to be too high.

But a September heatwave–who’d a thunk it?

Take a few steps away from the ‘puter, Gran

It’s totally beautiful in Seattle–warm but not too warm, sunny with a light breeze.

I’ve spent some time outside this weekend, but I’ve also been busy cleaning.

Yep, it’s 33 days until the apartment upgrade!

I gave myself an order Saturday morning–take a few steps away from the ‘puter, Gran.
It feels good to be wearing shorts again, being out in the sunshine, and starting to get my studio apartment in  spic and span shape.

I’m taking  a break right now, watching the pilot episode of Falling Skies, I’ve got a pork chop in my slow cooker, my Monday lunch packed, and my laundry caught up.

I wish you all  a great week, hope the weather’s good and all is right with your world.

And–I thought you might enjoy a little lovin spoonful!

Hot damn, it IS summer in the city, and time to step away from the ‘puter and enjoy the sunshine!

First Day of Summer | Apartment Living –

First Day of Summer | Apartment Living –

It’s a beautiful day in the Seattle neighborhood!
Downtown Seattle is teeming with tourists and citizens alike.
Large groups of families and friends are out walking, wearing shorts and sandals.
I walked back to work from an appointment this afternoon, and watched travelers pulling their luggage into downtown hotels, saw people drinking iced tea as they consumed late lunches on restaurant patios. 
The city is celebrating a day of warmth and sunshine.
May it continue!

Nice weather in Seattle at last!

61°F | °CSatSunMonTueSunnyPartly CloudyPartly CloudyShowerCurrent: SunnyWind: N at 7 mphHumidity: 66%78°F | 54°F79°F | 57°F73°F | 54°F59°F | 51°F

Courtesy of The Weather Channel

.At least for the weekend 🙂

We’ve not had 70 degree weather in Seattle since September!

Have a great weekend, and may sunshine surround you!

Strange light in the Seattle sky

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Yep, it’s the sun!
I could get used to this.

thinkin’ spring

GranPhoto, ’bout two years ago
It was warm and sunny in Seattle today, and the mood in this city was joyful!
I hope the sun is shining where you live.
Think spring!

Wet day

Wee doggies, it’s wet out there today!

My internet connection keeps going out.

Guess I’ll do household chores.

See you all later.

photo credit.

What is a "Pineapple Express"? | Seattle News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News | KOMO News | F.A.Q.

What is a “Pineapple Express”? | Seattle News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News | KOMO News | F.A.Q.

The “Pineapple Express” is when we have a weather system that has its origins from the Hawaiian tropics.

These tend to be the wettest-type of storms we get around here — bringing between 1-2″ of rain per day for Seattle and much more near the mountains — as it has an abundance of warm, tropical moisture.
It also brings high potential for flooding, as the warm air tends to raise snow levels quite high around here. That has two compounding effects:
1) It means precipitation falls as rain instead of snow in the mountains, increasing the run-off into the local rivers.
2) It will also begin to melt the snow at lower mountains altitudes, adding even more liquid water into the mix.
Pineapple Expresses usually mean wintertime temperatures in the upper 50s or warmer. I remember a December night in the mid 1990s when the temperature reached 63 degrees — at 2 a.m.(!) — during a Pineapple Express event.
We are expected to gets lots and lots of rain in the next few days, with the threat of flooding in certain areas.
I will keep you all updated; happy Saturday!

Thursday’s word

farouche \fa-ROOSH\, adjective:
1. Sullenly unsociable or shy.
2. Fierce.
Farouche derives from the Late Latin foasticus, “without, out of doors.”
It’s 50 degrees and very wet in Seattle today (and for the rest of the week also) as I get ready for work.
Hope you all have a great day!
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