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Fall reading




I’ve read some of these books, but I have even more Kindle books. My “currently reading” list is growing at an alarming rate.

I got a free book from Glose today, the Lincoln Rhyme novel “The Broken Window.”

I do have a reading plan! It’s cold and wet here (and after our hot summer I’m loving it), so I’m going to be reading more and watching less TV (Hulu, Netflix, Amazon video). The news is getting to me, again, and it’s not good for my health to screech obscenities at the TV about politics.

Of course I’m keeping track of things in Mexico and Puerto Rico, and praying for all. I have given all my fixed income will allow right now, so I’m expecting that my prayers will help people in need.

So I’m off to read for a bit! I’ll be reading your blogs/posts tonight.

Stay well.

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