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Your word is dead to me – Boing Boing Gadgets

Your word is dead to me – Boing Boing Gadgets

I just need to share one thing with all of you, thanks to my blogging buddy Floyd, who posted about Microsoft today. Floyd’s post got me to thinking about Microsoft’s current woes.

Floyd’s post reminded me about Susan Orlean.

It’s been all over the internet that writer Susan Orlean is writing her new book using Google Docs instead of Microsoft Word.

Let me back up a moment here, give you some history about my revelation.

Susan Orlean is a published author, and I’m a blogger. I work for a nonprofit by day, then come home at night and blog to relax and do something different.

I also write, just a bit.

Nothing published, but I tap out some words on the weekends and when the words just won’t stay inside of me anymore.

I’ve always used a desktop computer, and I installed Microsoft Word on my desktop.

Last year, about this time, I bought a laptop and transferred all of my files from the desktop (XP) to my new computer (VISTA). I gave my desktop computer to my grandchildren, because they are all internet and gamer children.

When I went to access my Microsoft Word files, a little window came up and told me I was enjoying a “free trial” of MS Word.

And I could not use my MS Word disc to install on my new computer.


I had to pay ANOTHER $165, for “the latest and greatest” version of Word.

My answer to Microsoft, then and now, is “eat shit and die, mother effers.”

Every month or so, Microsoft emails me with another great deal for the latest and greatest version of Word.


The day after Christmas, the price on Word was $59.

No way.

I’m not going to buy something I’ve already bought.

So, when I read about Susan Orlean writing her novel on Google Docs, a light went off in my tired brain.

Ding ding ding ding ding.

I can use Google Docs for FREE.

Did you hear me, Microsoft?


And that’s all I wanted to say about the subject.

Good night.

Oh yeah, thanks to Susan Orlean.

And Floyd.

I’m going to buy her next book.

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