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Outlander, season 3!

Outlander is my latest cable television addiction.

Based on the Diana Gabaldon series of books, Outlander is the story of Claire Randall, a British woman who has been serving in World War II as a nurse. Claire and her husband Frank travel to Scotland to enjoy a second honeymoon after the war.

Claire’s husband Frank is a history professor, and he is doing research during their honeymoon. Claire goes off by herself to collect local plants for medicinal purposes. Claire is busy collecting her plants when she time travels into the past.

Outlander is a historical romance story, but it’s also fantasy. Claire falls in love with another man (Jamie) in the past, and their love scenes are steamy! Heads up: there is a lot of violence in this story, if this bothers you.

The series airs on STARZ, and it’s a wonderful story.  The scenery is beautiful, the acting is well done, and I love the time traveling!

If you enjoy historical-romance-fantasy stories, Outlander is worth your time!

1/1 Brian Eno

Thanks to A Cuban in London and Just Stuff From a Boomer, I’m blogging a lot about music these days.

Thanks to the wonders of cable television, I have access to about thirty  cable music stations.

Right now, I’m listening to Brian Eno.

I will probably change the channel sometime this evening, maybe to classical or old time rock and roll.

You never know.

Time Warner: Listen Time Warner, The 60-Year-Old English Teacher Didn’t Order $1,400 Of Porn

Time Warner: Listen Time Warner, The 60-Year-Old English Teacher Didn’t Order $1,400 Of Porn

This story from the is a real pill.

A 60-year-old English teacher, living alone, and watching a lot of movies (17 porn flicks on one day and 14 more another day)?

The consumer insists she did not order the movies, she lives alone, and her husband works in another state. Time Warner insists that the only way the movies could have been ordered is inside of the teacher’s home, using her equipment.

Time Warner’s intellectual customer service rep offered one suggestion: That the woman’s dog ordered the films.

Oh yes, that must be it.

A horny pooch, wanking off on the couch and ordering multiple porn flicks while Granny takes her nap.

Jeez Flippin’ Louise.

I have an explanation, Time Warner: Maybe aliens are beaming into the woman’s home, knocking her out, and ordering the movies. The teacher, who has not realized she has missed huge blocks of time, has no clue that aliens have invaded her home for the purpose of having earthly orgasms.

Makes more sense to me than the dog explanation.

Tornadoes, storms in Oklahoma

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