Daily Archives: June 5, 2018


I’m pleased to report that I am no longer a couch potato!

Last week I logged in 69,901 steps, 77 flights of stairs, and 551 active minutes. I also completed one hour and fifty eight minutes of exercise (aerobic and walking).  I burned 16, 957 calories.


I am proud of my increased activity, and I worry a lot when I consider taking things slower for a day or two. When I started logging my steps on the FitBit, I was lucky to get 5,000 steps every day. I want to maintain my activity level, because damn I feel good!

I usually take things a bit slower on Sunday, and yesterday it felt good to do this. I’m back on schedule today, glad I took things a bit easier yesterday. Tomorrow I start exercising for the week (at least 15 minutes a day for five days).

Above is one of my favorite walking paths, and weather permitting I will walk there tomorrow.

Former couch potato signing off; I am posting on my I Pad and I’m still learning.

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