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50, 722 steps last week!

I also climbed 81 flights of stairs (1 flight equals ten feet at one time), had 262 active minutes ( any moderate activity for ten minutes or more), and burned almost 15,000 calories. My steps equal 21.09 miles.

And yes, I’m taking it easy today. My body is a wee bit sore, but I have more energy. I will resume my activity goals tomorrow. Sunday is a great day to take it easy!

It’s been a wet week here in the PNW. Typical fall weather. We have some yucky looking mushrooms in our back yard:

Gross, huh?

I hope you are all having a good Sunday. Have a good week!

Major Crimes to End After Season 6 – TVLine

One of my favorite shows, Major Crimes, is being canceled after this season.

Major Crimes is a spin off of The Closer, starring Kyra Sedgwick. I decided to give Major Crimes a chance, and I have not missed an episode.

TNT canceled Major Crimes because they want “edgier” dramas.


Major Crimes is the only TNT show I watch. But nobody cares what an old lady like me likes!! Haha!

I have enjoyed this series about an LAPD team solving Crimes, and I will miss it after this last season.

TNT can have its “edgier” dramas. It’s television, and I will deal with this cancellation.

I guess. Haha!

There are so many shows to watch these days! Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc.

And I will enjoy this last season of Major Crimes!

Dynasty (TV Series 2017– ) – IMDb

Holy cow! I watched Dynasty in the eighties, and now it’s back on television?

I think I will skip it this time!

8,000 steps

My son bought a new Fitbit, so he gave me his old one.

Based on my age, my first goal is 8,000 steps daily, and I did it!

And good night!

Praying for Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a great city and today it is hurting.

My prayers are for the killed and injured, for everyone in Las Vegas.

Again, the police and first responders were on the ground, and they have my thanks and prayers also💜

My thoughts and prayers are also with the wonderful people who work so hard in the hotels, restaurants, and countless entertainment venues in LV. I was in LV a few months ago, and I watched folks work so hard to make their guests feel at home.

My prayers are for you today, Las Vegas💜

N.B. I’m also praying for the doctors, nurses, and all hospital personnel working hard to save lives and comfort loved ones.

Missing Maura Murray on Oxygen

Channel surfing last week led me to watch the Missing Maura Murray documentary on Oxygen.

I got hooked quickly.

Here’s the background information:

At 7:35pm, on February 9th, 2004, New Hampshire State Police are called to scene of a single car accident on Rt. 112.  It was the intersection of Wild Ammonoosuc Road and Bradley Hill Road where a U-Mass Amherst student named Maura Murray vanished after she apparently lost control of her vehicle after a sharp bend.  When authorities arrived not ten minutes later, Maura was gone.  There has been no credible sighting of her since. 

Maura wanted to get away from something in her life, that we know.  In the ten years following the accident and her disappearance, a frenzy of theories – from the rational to the extremely far-fetched – surfaced in the online community.  Blogs and topic boards have been dedicated to uncovering the mystery but more often than not the rational discussions break down.  What was begun by well-intentioned individuals who truly want to contribute in a productive way, ripple-effects into insults, accusations, threats, multiple personalities and condemnable behavior. 

Our documentary is focused on how this one incident, performed by one young woman trying to figure life out, borne this ripple-effect.

After watching the first episode, I started listening to the Missing Maura Murray podcast. Lance Reenstierna and Tim Pilleri have been doing this podcast since 2015, and I find it informative.

There’s also a Facebook discussion group, a book by journalist James Renner, blogs, and YouTube posts.

I just cannot imagine what it is like to have someone you love disappear. I’ve looked at some missing persons statistics, but I don’t want to get lost in the numbers. For me, it’s more about human loss. What the heck happened to them? Some people disappear because they want to escape their lives, but that is not everyone. What do their loved ones suffer, not knowing, sometimes ever, what happened to them?

About thirteen years ago, I was going through a rough patch in my life. I considered just getting in my car and driving away to start a new life. I didn’t do it, but I sure gave it some thought. From what I have learned so far, Maura Murray was going though a rough patch in her life also. There are so many theories about what happened to Maura, but no one knows for sure. We will ever know? I’m not sure, but I find myself becoming obsessed with this young woman’s disappearance.

Gotta go and listen to more Missing Maura Murray podcasts!


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