IT (2017)


I saw IT today with my grandson.


What a flick!

Scarier than hell. No one can replace Tim Curry’s Pennywise, but Bill Skarsgard is creepily good as the 2017 version of the dancing clown.

The sound and special effects of IT adds to the horror of this story. I jumped in my seat a few times, but didn’t close my eyes once (I’m so proud). The teeth on that clown are horrifying, and the blood looks gruesome.

The best part of IT 2017 is the story. The kids are allowed to show their pain, and fear, and devotion to one another. Bill’s pain is raw and hard to watch; it’s the suffering of a man. Bill’s childhood is over. The adults appear to be under some sort of spell that allows them to turn their heads when a child is in danger. Eerie pictures of Derry show the history of a town that has seen multiple tragedies.

Reading IT is scary. Listening to IT on Audible is too. But watching this movie is scarier than anything I’ve ever witnessed. I’ll see it again, just because it’s such a wonderful movie.

It is a five star movie. I you are a horror fan, it’s a film you must see.





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  1. Great review. I loved this movie especially the comedy they put in to lighten the mood before scaring you again. Ritchie was hilarious.


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