Cleaning up my Goodreads account

I retired in 2014, and I was one pooped out granny, and I fell behind on many of my posting projects. Like Goodreads. I’ve also gone through some reading droughts. I would buy a book, start reading it, then stop reading. Not because I did not like the book(s). Oh no.

Exhaustion bit at my heels for months and months. Procrastination was the order of the day as I watched hours of Netflix, Hulu, and On Demand.

Finally, I can share with y’all that the exhaustion is gone and I’m reading at my old pace again. And I’m blogging more often!

I’ve also looked at my Goodreads shelves a lot, at the long list of books I’ve been “reading” for two years. Ha! And I promised myself that someday I would clean that list up! I cleaned up that list today. Finally.

Now I have a really long list of books I want to read.

So I should not buy any more books for awhile.

Like that’s going to happen!

Luckily I buy/read mostly Kindle books, so I just have to save space on my phone and my Kindle Fire.

It feels great to have conquered the physical and mental exhaustion, and even better to be reading again.










Today I clea

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