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Hurricane Irma, Category 5, coming to my beloved Florida -Friends, need your Prayers, pretty please.

Your prayers, please, for this blogger and her family. Heck, prayers to
All in the path of this storm!

Plants and Beyond

I love living in Sunny Florida. Really do. But how do I get through this Nature’s fury? Can’t uplift 3 dogs, parents in law and kids. Roads are blocked with escaped families, no air tickets available to fly out, water sold out in stores…….Prayers needed badly to push this beast back to the Atlantic ocean. Wish us luck and safety, please, dear friends. Pretty please.



Under my Mom’s insistence, this is a part of our emergency shopping uplifted to the second floor, just in case of flooding…….Billiard table finally came in handy 🙂


Lots of hugs,


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