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Ninja 3 in 1 Cooker

Banned Books Week, September 24-September 30

Banned Books Week starts tomorrow.

Anyone who knows me would never tell me not to read a book. That person would get the full force of my lady rage. And it’s a rage that burns fire!


Seriously, folks, if a book bothers you, don’t allow it in your home! Although, if you have children, telling them not to read something makes them only want to read it more! Reading a banned book opens the reader up to new ideas, concepts, and words. You don’t have to agree with the opinions expressed, but as a college prof once told our class, “knowing things is good.”

Expand your mind. Read a banned book.

Does the concept of reading a banned book offend you?

How about helping me celebrate the freedom to read?


Fall reading




I’ve read some of these books, but I have even more Kindle books. My “currently reading” list is growing at an alarming rate.

I got a free book from Glose today, the Lincoln Rhyme novel “The Broken Window.”

I do have a reading plan! It’s cold and wet here (and after our hot summer I’m loving it), so I’m going to be reading more and watching less TV (Hulu, Netflix, Amazon video). The news is getting to me, again, and it’s not good for my health to screech obscenities at the TV about politics.

Of course I’m keeping track of things in Mexico and Puerto Rico, and praying for all. I have given all my fixed income will allow right now, so I’m expecting that my prayers will help people in need.

So I’m off to read for a bit! I’ll be reading your blogs/posts tonight.

Stay well.

IT (2017)


I saw IT today with my grandson.


What a flick!

Scarier than hell. No one can replace Tim Curry’s Pennywise, but Bill Skarsgard is creepily good as the 2017 version of the dancing clown.

The sound and special effects of IT adds to the horror of this story. I jumped in my seat a few times, but didn’t close my eyes once (I’m so proud). The teeth on that clown are horrifying, and the blood looks gruesome.

The best part of IT 2017 is the story. The kids are allowed to show their pain, and fear, and devotion to one another. Bill’s pain is raw and hard to watch; it’s the suffering of a man. Bill’s childhood is over. The adults appear to be under some sort of spell that allows them to turn their heads when a child is in danger. Eerie pictures of Derry show the history of a town that has seen multiple tragedies.

Reading IT is scary. Listening to IT on Audible is too. But watching this movie is scarier than anything I’ve ever witnessed. I’ll see it again, just because it’s such a wonderful movie.

It is a five star movie. I you are a horror fan, it’s a film you must see.






I’ve lived in the Seattle area since 1999. The first year was tough, for many reasons, but mostly because of the rain and wind.

Boy, it can rain here. Having a raincoat with an attached hood helps. And some days umbrellas are not an option, unless you have the kind that cannot turn inside out!

But I got used to the rain, and I’ve missed the rain this summer. We haven’t had a good soaking rain since June, but that’s about to end! Our weather forecast is calling for cooler temperatures and rain.

Hopefully the cooler temperatures and rain will end the wildfires. I sure hope so! The fires in the PNW have done so much damage😢.

I’m praying this forecast is correct. Come on, fall!

Cleaning up my Goodreads account

I retired in 2014, and I was one pooped out granny, and I fell behind on many of my posting projects. Like Goodreads. I’ve also gone through some reading droughts. I would buy a book, start reading it, then stop reading. Not because I did not like the book(s). Oh no.

Exhaustion bit at my heels for months and months. Procrastination was the order of the day as I watched hours of Netflix, Hulu, and On Demand.

Finally, I can share with y’all that the exhaustion is gone and I’m reading at my old pace again. And I’m blogging more often!

I’ve also looked at my Goodreads shelves a lot, at the long list of books I’ve been “reading” for two years. Ha! And I promised myself that someday I would clean that list up! I cleaned up that list today. Finally.

Now I have a really long list of books I want to read.

So I should not buy any more books for awhile.

Like that’s going to happen!

Luckily I buy/read mostly Kindle books, so I just have to save space on my phone and my Kindle Fire.

It feels great to have conquered the physical and mental exhaustion, and even better to be reading again.










Today I clea

IPhone X?

I’m hearing a lot about iPhone X:

It’s going to cost $1,000.

Too rich for my blood!

How about you? Will you buy the X?

“Do you have a dog named Rose?”

I was enjoying myself in Seattle yesterday when I got a telephone call.

“Do you have a dog named Rose?”

I took the nice man’s address and called my son. Jay was already on his way to pick up our Rosie.

Rose doesn’t get out often, but it scares us when she does.

I think of all the dogs abandoned and I just want to take them all in, but of course I cannot.

I can just love Rose and help keep her safe and well cared for.

Sunday morning downtown Seattle

It’s a pleasantly cool morning. I woke up with a sore throat, but a hot bubble bath and some Ibuprofen help.

I’m sipping my Cherry Street Coffee House drip, 12 oz., people watching, and counting my blessings.

Seattle at night

I’m having one of my overnight getaways in downtown Seattle. I’m not a great traveler, and I’m no camper! Ha! I like a nice comfy bed and a bath tub!

It’s back home tomorrow, but tonight I’m enjoying the view!

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