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Farewell Summer vacation

I’ve been retired for three years now, and I have the best retirement job ever. I live with my son, daughter-in-law, and four of my grandchildren. My son works a good job but has to travel a lot. 

My jobs include making sure my three grandchildren get to and from school and their different activities. I do a little cooking, a LOT of grocery shopping (Have you ever fed three teenagers? It’s work.), and a lot of driving. Plus a bit of housework, gardening, taking out the trash, etc.  Household stuff!

My brain was burned when I retired three years ago. I tried working a few part time jobs, but had to quit after a few weeks. An ex supervisor recommended that I try not to work for awhile. 

It was the best advice I’ve ever gotten. I moved in with my son, and over the last three years I have worked my part time retirement job as a house granny.

It’s fun, but busy. I’ve enjoyed summer vacation, staying up late and sleeping later in the morning. 

But that all changes after Labor Day! Time to get the kiddos to school every day. Summer is almost over, and I’m glad. I’m able to keep busy without the stress of a full time job. And I can take breaks during the day to read, play my online games, and have fun with our dog. 

Farewell summer vacation, and hello fall!

National Dog day!

Our pit bull Rose was a shelter dog, and we love her so much!

Rose loves humans, but other dogs not so much! She’s a great cuddle dog who gives big sloppy kisses❤️

Happy National Dog Day to all dogs and their owners.

Rose sends her love. 😘

Crowded TV Marketplace Gets Ready for Three Tech Giants –

Too many viewing options these days!

Enjoying Amazon Prime video

I grew up on black and white television. ABC, NBC, and CBS were our choices. 

These days the viewing options are endless. I rarely watch programs on the three channels mentioned above. 

I have accounts with Netflix and Hulu, but Amazon Prime video is my current favorite.   There are lots of free shows, including movies, and lots of British shows.

Right now I’m watching Inspector Lewis episodes. Again. I love this series.

Amazon has this neat feature that shows the actors currently on screen. It’s possible to click the actor names and read their official bios. 

Here’s what it looks like:

Luckily I stay busy with household and family chores, or I would get really lazy! Being retired (happily so), I’m glad to have lots of chores to stay active. 

If you have never checked it out, I recommend Amazon Prime video. 

Saturday morning.

I’m sitting outside of Panera Bread, drinking coffee and watching people go about their business. Folks are walking their dogs, eating breakfast, and driving to their destinations. A Facebook friend reminded me this morning to look at the beauty around me, to look for the good. The world is a scary place right now, at least for me! But so many good people are speaking out, protesting, voting, making their voices heard. I am so blessed, in so many ways. The hard times on my life are things I can look back at and smile. I can do this because those tough times helped me move forward, through my pain, and come out the other side healthier and happier. We will get through this, my friends. Please take time to look for the good around you, at your blessings. And feel free to remind me when you notice me slinking back into despair. Peace out.

The Color of Fear (A Sharon McCone Mystery)

Private investigator Sharon McCone’s father is brutally attacked just before Christmas, and she’s determined to help the police find the perpetrators. Sharon and her team find themselves in danger as they start to unravel what happened.
Sharon’s large boisterous family is around, and her husband Hy helps out when he can.
Marcia Muller delivers another great story in this mystery series.


I watched Christoper Nolan’s movie Dunkirk today.

Please see this movie if you can.

I cried a lot during this movie, because it is about the real people on the ground who fought and died for their country.
But it’s also about the people who fought so hard to get home. And the brave folks who helped them.

***** stars out of 5 for Dunkirk.

Outlander, season 3!

Outlander is my latest cable television addiction.

Based on the Diana Gabaldon series of books, Outlander is the story of Claire Randall, a British woman who has been serving in World War II as a nurse. Claire and her husband Frank travel to Scotland to enjoy a second honeymoon after the war.

Claire’s husband Frank is a history professor, and he is doing research during their honeymoon. Claire goes off by herself to collect local plants for medicinal purposes. Claire is busy collecting her plants when she time travels into the past.

Outlander is a historical romance story, but it’s also fantasy. Claire falls in love with another man (Jamie) in the past, and their love scenes are steamy! Heads up: there is a lot of violence in this story, if this bothers you.

The series airs on STARZ, and it’s a wonderful story.  The scenery is beautiful, the acting is well done, and I love the time traveling!

If you enjoy historical-romance-fantasy stories, Outlander is worth your time!

The heat and smoke continue today. I took this picture around 11:30 today at the Issaquah Costco. I’m staying cool at home today, thanks to AC and my inhalers.


It’s HOT in Bellevue

It doesn’t usually get this hot around here! 

And we are seeing some smoky skies from some Canadian wildfires:

I did some shopping today with my daughter-in-law, got my hair cut, paid some bills, and am now parked in front of my fan, feet propped up with a cool drink by my side. 

Oh yeah, I’m watching the news and giggling about….never mind!

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