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Harry Potter’s 20th Anniversary

Many thanks to @amanhimself for this post!

Pages: 352, Slytherin, 20th Anniversary Edtion
Published: June 2017 by Bloomsbury
Cover Rating: 5/5

Last week I received this beautiful edition from the publisher. I love the cover and they way the contents are represented on the first sight. This new edition launch on the eve of 20 years of Harry Potter is appealing. I sat with it the very next day, delicately holding it in my hands and read it in one go. The magical world of Harry Potter never gets old to my surprise.

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Harry Potter’s 20th Anniversary

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End of the funk. I hope.

I’ve been in a depressed state of mind for months.

Angry, worried, concerned, pissed off, etc.

But no more.

I’ve stepped away from cable news (mostly), and gotten outside to enjoy this beautiful Seattle summer.

Yard work helps burn off my stress, reading and watching murder mysteries makes me smile, and my family gives me comfort. 

I speak up via Twitter and Facebook less, and never read the comments on political posts. 

I laugh when LinkedIn sends me an email declaring there are 82,000 open jobs in the Seattle area

Sorry, not interested. I’ve got a great retirement job already, helping run this big family in Bellevue. 

I’m promising myself to post more often and screech at the television less. 

Let’s hope I can keep these promises to myself!

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