Monthly Archives: May 2017

Back home!

I’m so glad to be back home!

I had a great time in Las Vegas, especially the food and the shopping.

The flight home was short, but very bumpy. I was dizzy, shaking, and very cranky when we landed at SeaTac.

The Delta crew was wonderful.

It was 87 degrees when I left Las Vegas yesterday afternoon, and it’s 57 degrees now. I love it, but I’m freezing! Ha!

I slept very well last night, but I’m tired today, so I’m going to be a 🐌. 

And I’m starving today! I don’t eat much when I’m traveling, and I’m making up for it today.

I’m also so happy that Macron won the French election. 👍to the French for rejecting white nationalism!

Las Vegas!

My birthday gift this year is a trip to Sin City for a few days. 

It’s 90 degrees, the food so far is awesome (and HUGE), and there are slot machines everywhere! 

I’ve been here for almost four hours, and I’m so relaxed right now😴! 

I’m going to read, sit by the pool, and do a bit of sightseeing. People watching is fun here!

For tonight I’m going to bed early, because I’m not a party girl these days. 

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