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Small changes: a small plate

I can lower my morning NPH insulin two points!


The small changes in making in my diet are working!

(I promise to stop using !).

I am using a smaller plate for my meals:


I’ve found that when I use a dinner-sized plate, I want to fill it up with food.


And I’m getting plenty to eat using this smaller plate.

I’m feeling great right now. 😉


Small changes!

So I’ve been working hard to get my blood sugars down.

The rules are simple. Eat real food, avoid sugar, stay active, take my meds, and test my blood sugars twice a day.


Some days are easy, other days are really hard. Sometimes I just don’t have a lot of energy.

But I not here to dwell on the hard stuff. Not this time anyway!

I have made many changes in this quest to feel better. I’m eating spinach and broccoli almost every day. And at least one salad every day!

But things like bottled salad dressings and things like butter can be traps. Also I cannot overload my stomach; that’s no Bueno for my blood sugars.

My daughter-in-law introduced me to rice vinegar, and it’s tasty!


No calories, no sugar, no salt. And it tastes a bit milder than other types of vinegar. Yummy!

This bottle of rice vinegar costs under $4 at Uwajimaya.

Small changes help me every day, but especially on the days when I crave something sweet.

I’ll share more of my small changes!

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