Monthly Archives: January 2016

Managing my blood sugars

I successfully managed my blood sugars for six years. 

This past year I did not do so well managing my Type 2 diabetes.

So I’m working to get my blood sugars back down, with some help from nighttime insulin.

I’m doing well so far, mainly by cutting sugar from my diet, eating more veggies, and exercising again.

It can be tricky managing how much I eat at meals. I can’t overeat, but I need to get enough food. I’ve found that eating raw veggies before meals helps me control my appetite.

But I hate cleaning celery and carrots. That’s where baby carrots come in handy!

And the more expensive option of cleaned/cut celery ensures that I actually eat my veggies!

Yeah I know, I’m lazy, but it’s something I accept about myself! 

So here’s my veggies, right next to the onion rings I’m baking for the kiddos!

I’m going to be blogging my latest venture in healthy eating, so expect more of these posts!

It’s snowing in Seattle!

Who knows if we will get any accumulation, but it’s great just to see the flakes!


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