Me and social media: Why I need to chill out

Social media is great.

I’m on Facebook every day, Twitter every few days, and I like being able to stay in touch with everyone.

But I find myself starting to get worn out by all the problems in this world. Cops killing people during traffic stops, the abortion issue, the presidential race, wildlife being slaughtered for sport.

You get my drift, right?

I retired to take life easier, to slow down and enjoy myself for a change.

And I’ve done pretty well, except when it comes to social media.

I’m feeling emotionally exhausted, worn out by all of the injustices in this world.

After all, our thoughts become our actions, right?

Resolved: I’m going to chill the hell out on social media. Every time I feel my blood pressure inching upward (“Trump said WHAT?”), I’m going to stop myself and think about purple flowers, cute babies, funny jokes, and inspirational quotes. I’m going to close my eyes, and do some on the spot meditating.

And I’m going to stop reposting about causes, problems, injustices. Heck, most of you know me, a liberal old dame who says what she thinks and is fond of calling politicians morons.

You may read this and think, well this old goat is trying to stop caring, and nothing could be further from the truth. I care passionately about all of these things.

But at this point in my life, I desire peace. And as the saying goes, peace begins with me.

So as of right now, this moment, I am chilling out on social media. I’m going to post happy stuff and will not comment on the issues of the day. I’m going to test this our for 30 days, just to see if I can follow through.

Wish me luck, because I’m going to need it.

Purple flowers.


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