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Book Review: Clay’s Hope, by Melissa Haag


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Clay’s Hope is a wonderful addition to the Hope(less) Judgment of the Six series by Melissa Haag.

Clay is a werewolf who has little hope of finding his mate. Then he meets a young girl named Gabby, a girl with special powers, and he falls hard.

Clay has found his mate.

But Clay has one little problem: He needs to win the heart of this young lady, and Miss Gabby is no pushover.

Hope(less) (the Hopeless e-book is free today, follow the link) tells Gabby’s story, and now we get to read Clay’s point of view.

Clay’s Hope is told mostly through Clay’s inner dialogue, whether he is in human or werewolf form. His feelings for Gabby run deep, and at times his pain is almost too much to bear. Makes you just want to pick him up and comfort him, and then bitch slap Gabby! Ha! Having read the whole series, and knowing Gabby’s story helped me a lot, but I still wished she was real so I could shake her, kick her in the behind, and tell her to go give Clay some lovin.’

Clay remains by Gabby’s side, day after day, anticipating and fulfilling her needs with a love that does not waver for a moment.

Melissa Haag has crafted another intense addition to The Judgment of the Six series. The characters are well developed and flawed in a way that I find impossible not to love. Clay’s Hope is basically a retelling of Gabby’s story, from Clay’s perspective of course, and I found it fresh and interesting. The dialogue is well written and moves the story along nicely.

I enjoyed Clay’s Hope immensely, and I think you will also. Follow the link above to get a free copy of the first installment of this series, and prepare to get hooked.

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