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Book Review: (Un) bidden (Judgement of the Six #4) Release date 11/24/14

I received an ARC of (Un) bidden from author Melissa Haag, and I am so glad I got a chance to read more about Charlene and Thomas!

The pacing of (Un)bidden is a bit slower than the other books, and I liked it! This story gave me the opportunity to learn more about claiming, and how the werewolf society was functioning when Charlene arrived. Poor girl, she was just looking for a safe place to spend the night, and she got more than she had bargained for! I cringed when Charlene got bitten, and I felt her pain as her wounds were being cleaned up. Ugh! (Un)bidden shows the daily life of the werewolf community, and the problems it is facing, when Charlene stumbles in for a place to sleep.

It was good to learn how Emmitt and Jim’s parents met and fell in love; Thomas is so patient with Charlene, even as he is struggling to understand what she is all about, what she needs as a human and what she fears.

I love this series because the young women are powerful, and we get a chance to see them acknowledge, accept, and make use of their power. Charlene makes her presence known in this community of werewolves, and uses her power to change their lives for the better (even if it means she is putting herself in more danger). At one point, Thomas tells Charlene that she is the heart of the community, and that made me punch my fist in the air and yell YES. I think that it can be hard for women, especially young women, to embrace and accept their gifts.

I also loved watching Charlene learn to love and trust Thomas, but as the story draws to a close it is clear that she has still kept secrets from Thomas, and she fears what is coming next. I do not like this facet of Charlene’s character, this part of her personality that keeps her disconnected from others, and isolates her. It is the fear, I am sure, fear of what will happen to those she loves. I think Charlene feels very responsible for everyone, and that her power is in so many ways a burden.

Wonderful addition to the Judgement of the Six!

I cannot wait for the next story.


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