‘Festive in Death’ by JD Robb

Must-read romances: 'Festive in Death,' 'Malachim'.

When it comes to reading, I am not a romance buff, with one exception.

Festive in Death is the latest JD Robb story about Eve Dallas and her gorgeous (and filthy rich) husband Roarke, and it’s available September 9.

OF COURSE I have my Kindle copy pre-ordered.

Here’s why the In Death series is so awesome:

–Amazing characters. I’ve watched Eve Dallas fall in love, work on conquering her demons, and generally become a stronger human being as the books progress. The other characters in these books are also well thought out, interesting, and as human as hell. Hell, I even love their cat, who has as much spunk as Eve.
–Each book has Eve solving another case, usually with her husband Rorarke by her side. The cases are lots of fun, kind of grisly sometimes (well, Eve IS a murder cop), and always very interesting.
–The dialogue uttered by these great characters moves along quickly, and their words ring true.
–The stories stay on target, from beginning to end. The scenes from Eve’s personal life do not detract from the story, they add to the story.
–This series is fun to read, and allows me to escape for a few hours as I devour each book like a crack junkie.

If you read this, and you have not read any of the In Death books, I hope you give one a try!

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