Shaving: Getting rid of unwanted hair + shaving bucks as a semi-retired person

I’m not sure if you have heard about the Dollar Shave Club, but it sounds pretty cool to me.

For a few dollars a month, you can have razor blades razor blades delivered to your home.

There are three different shavers, and prices:

-The Humble Twin; you get 2 stainless steel blades and 5 cartridges per month for $1 a month. Shipping and handling are added to this option.

-The 4X, which gives you 4 cartridges and 4 stainless steel blades for $6 a month, shipping and handling included

-The Executive, which comes with 6 blades and 4 cartridges, for 9 bucks a month, and the cost also includes shipping and handling.

The Dollar Shave Club also offers shave butter and after shave options, in addition to butt wipes for men.

As I was looking over the Dollar Shave Club, I wondered if women could use these razors, so I Googled “can women use dollar Shave razors?” and learned that women are trying them! I may try some razors myself, once I use up some of my pink lady-type razors.

As many of you know, I am now semi-retired. I’m looking for a part-time job, but my income has certainly taken  a nose dive in the past few months. This means my budget is a lot tighter, and here’s how I am saving money:

-Making coffee at home. When I was working every day, I stopped at Starbucks every few days. Even when I bought drip coffee, it sure added to some bucks throughout the week.

-I’m buying fewer books, both Kindle and print, and using the Seattle Public Library more. Seattle also has Half Price Books, a cool used bookstore, and I’ve actually gone out of the house to buy a book!

-I’m eating out less, and cooking at home more. When I was working, I bought my lunch 2-3 times a week, and ate dinner out weekly.

-I love to buy clothes, and I’m looking out for more sales, checking out lower priced clothing stores and consignment shops. Wow, much cheaper!

-Finally, I’m making fewer impulse purchases, and asking myself if I really need to buy a fancy new perfume or pair of shoes.

I hope you will check out the Dollar Shave Club, and if you do, let me know about your experience!

I would also love to hear your own tips for saving money!

And, as always, I’m amazed at what can be ordered online!

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