Holy moley. I retired.

It’s been an amazing few days.

Friday was my last day of work.

I have worked at my agency for a total of 12.5 years. It’s stressful work, as all work is, and I have done it a lot longer than most staff. Most people burn out in a few years, for a variety of reasons. I held out longer, in two separate periods of employment. The last two years have been difficult for me, because I have some ongoing health issues. My body has been telling me it is time to slow down a bit. My work load was increasing my stress levels, which has made it harder for me to keep my blood sugars low. And I have been exhausted, all the time, dragging myself around day-to-day, and I’m sure that I have been depressed. And moodier than hell. I’ve worked hard to exercise and watch my diet, but I knew deep inside my soul that it was time for me to move on from the work I have done for so long. I have not enjoyed my work for some time, and at my age I do not want to live my life with regrets. I’ve learned to listen to what my gut is telling me, what I know I need to do for myself.

So, after threatening to retire, I finally decided the time was NOW and gave my notice a few months ago.

When I walked into my office for the last time, on Friday, here’s what I saw:

last day

last day 2

Yeah, I cried.

Friday night, a whole bunch of us got together for a happy hour to celebrate my last day. Thirty people showed up, staff past and present, and I had a great time talking to people who came to see ME.

And it’s what they all said to me that has humbled me and made me swell with pride. The compliments I got were amazing. I was kind of numb, to be honest with y’all.



What the hell is next?

Who the hell knows?

I know that my work life is not completely over; I will work at something after a taking the summer off to play (and move). And when the right job comes along for me, I will be ready. It’s not going to be full time, that’s for sure!

This weekend I’m relaxing; the retirement parties are over and I have time to read, blog, exercise, sleep, and just breathe. Tomorrow afternoon I’m off to the dentist .

I’m retired.



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  1. So how has your first work-free week been?

    I’ve been in my job 14.5 years and I was longing to retire at 60, but that has now been changed by the govt to 66. So now I have another 10 years to go – I’m not a happy bunny..


  2. It’s been good, Lady Banana! Every time I’ve sat down, I’ve fallen asleep. Sorry to hear your retirement age got bumped up, US does the same thing here. Financially I would have been a lot better off if I worked another year, but my body just couldn’t take it any more. The stress of the job was making it very hard for me to control my blood sugars, my sleep was poor, and I was having outburst of anger at work. In short, I’ve been a mess 🙂

    Hang in there, lady, and thanks for the comment.


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