Retirement weekend

Friday is my last day at work.

I will celebrate my retirement with colleagues at 5:00 p.m., at a local Seattle restaurant near Pike Market.

This weekend I’m going to relax, unwind, and take time to breathe.

I’m going to get outside and get some sun, but I’m also going to take LOTS of bubble baths, read three books (the latest Linda Fairstein is on my Kindle), sleep, watch t.v., and go to another retirement party Saturday night (my boss has graciously offered his home and barbecue grill for a small get together).

And breathe.

Yeah, I said that already.

I am so looking forward to having a summer without work!

And I’m sure that I will be updating y’all about what retirement looks like from my perspective!

Gotta go right now, get to work, and keep working on closing up shop at work.


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Mom, Grandma, retired social worker, blogger. I love reading fiction of all kinds, and I'm also addicted to television (Netflix, Hulu, Acorn, Amazon video).

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  1. YAY and CONGRATS… can’t wait for you to get RELAXED…the swing looks fantastic…maybe you can take a trip??


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