Downloading public library ebooks to Kindle

I’ve always known that I could download ebooks from my public library to my Kindle.

I’ve preferred to buy my Kindle books, for some strange reason. And there are usually some pretty good deals, from free to six bucks!

But since retirement is coming is 24 days (bwahahah), I’ve decided it’s time to start downloading books I want to read from my library to my Kindle.

And now, I’m going to pass on my new found knowledge (which you probably already know).

Here’s what I need to borrow ebooks from the library:
-A Kindle (I’ve got Kindle on my iPhone, my tablet, and my Kindle Fire).
-An account with my local library
-An account, of course!

I just go to the online site for my local library and look up titles. I look for the ebook option, click the download option, and choose my download option–Kindle, Adobe, pdf are some options. I click Kindle, and then I am directed to the site, where I request the book on my Kindle. If all copies of the ebook are in use, I just place a hold on the title. Then the library sends me an email when my title is available for download. When I'm done with the book, I simply go to my kindle account and request the ebook be returned to the library.


And free.

Y'all probably know how to do this already, but I'm still as impressed as hell.


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  1. I looked into this in my local library but they use an odd book format which doesn’t work on a Kindle. You have to download a reader to the computer and go from there which was not really very user friendly.

    Funny how they have a certain number of copies of the ebook.. You’d think being just digital there would be infinite copies somehow!


  2. I wonder, have you signed up for this?

    They have a section for both UK & US


  3. Lady Banana, my library is the same way–there are only a few copies of each book! I have nit checked out daily free books yet, but I will. Thanks!


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