How ABC’s Resurrection lost me as a viewer last night

2014 ABC ‘Resurrection’ TV Show Spoilers: Omar Epps Finale Bomb; Season 2 Renewed Despite Falling Ratings? : Offbeat : Classicalite.

A few spoilers!

I’ve been watching Resurrection every week, either via On Demand or live.

Last night, Resurrection lost me as a viewer because it didn’t give me enough to keep my interest. I quit watching after 24 minutes, because I was bored. I switched to Game of Thrones.

I will admit that storytelling is a tough job sometimes all the time.

First of all, you need to entice me to keep watching, by dangling information in front of my nose and yanking it away quickly, before I see too much. I did not get enough last night to keep me watching.

Next, if you are going to take a character down a dark and winding path, you need to make me give a shit about him as a character. I need to feel some sympathy for him as a character, as a human being. I know what the sheriff’s motivation is (the guy’s heart is torn to pieces), but I don’t care about him. Well developed characters pull at your heart strings, make you want to weep or kick their asses when they go bad. I want to see the sheriff’s guts churn, and I do not blame the actor playing the sheriff–Matt Craven is a solid character actor. The storytellers need to up their writing game and craft a better story.

I tried watching the finale again tonight and gave up.

Whether I will try again is anyone’s guess.

I had many hopes for this series, and I hope the writers can pull this story out of the slush pile.

The story referenced above was written by Shane Jordan at Classicalite.

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