A new project: 10,000 steps a day

My doctor has recommended that I try to walk 10,000 steps a day.

Did you know there’s an app for this?

Not surprising, I guess–there’s an app for everything.

So I downloaded Pacer, and have been working my way to 10,000.

Today’s count: 6,719!

I’ve completed 67% of my 10,000 step goal,and have achieved an “active” status.

Here’s some information about 10,000 steps:

The Walking Site

Live Science

The 20% Boost Program

I will keep you posted–meeting my goal is the first step.

Maintaining my level of activity is the next!


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  1. That’s a lot of steps! I sometimes use an app called Moves – I think the most I’ve done is just over 8000 and that was a tiring day. I’ll have a look at the app you use..


  2. I did almost 9,000 steps yesterday, and did 50 minutes of pilates with my coach. My best day in a long time for exercise, Lady Banana!


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